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In this week’s Technology Tuesday Hangout, we talk about LogMeIn dumping their free service and how it will affect It consultants and frequent travelers. We talk about alternatives to LogMeIn as well. Dale Perryman continues his discussion about taking his life paperless by using Evernote. Here’s the show:


We’ve received many phone calls and emails relating to what is happening with Target and the credit card security breach. This incident is VERY serious and could affect one out of every four Americans. We’re posting this vlog to provide some sound information on what happened and what to do. Please feel free to share this with others, but please CONTACT YOUR BANK  DIRECTLY WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS regarding this incident.


Our Technology Tuesday show covered using Evernote to save pretty much everything you can possibly think that can be saved on a computer. We also side tracked and talked about WordPress issues and how to back up and copy a WordPress web site using XCloner. Here’s the show:

 Please leave comments on what you think.

If you feel like you’ve been screwed over by a bad web design or web development company, then you want to watch this episode of Technology Tuesday.

Our Technology Tuesday show on November 26th, 2013, Dale Perryman and I talked about dealing with bad web design companies. This topic was promoted by numerous inquiries regarding a web design/development company in Southern California’s High Desert/Victor Valley, which is local to us and technically competitors of PrimeConcepts.

The web design company in question had acquired many dozens and possibly hundreds of customers throughout Southern California. Unfortunately, they’ve practiced several immoral and even illegal business tactics, which is detrimental to their customers and to the rest of our industry. Dale and I talk about this in depth, how to identify if a business owner has been scammed by this or similar service providers, how to avoid these problems and how to determine the best path to take if someone has been victimized by these bad wen design companies.

See the video below and please leave a comment with your opinions. ~ Dan Harley, Jr.

If you’re a restaurant owner having issues with Yelp, then you’re going to like this…

I just read an interesting Reddit AMA about Andrew Zimmerman, one the very popular food connoisseurs who has traveled to over 100 countries eating and dining on an incredible variety of foods. If you don’t know what an AMA is, it stands for “Ask Me Anything.” It’s a means for members of Reddit to ask questions of people from different walks of life. Recently, AMA’s have become popular for celebrities to promote their shows, movies, books, etc.

Andrew Zimmerman’s AMA was particularly interesting to me because 1) I like to eat, 2) He kicked Yelp in the balls regarding it’s credibility. Here’s an excerpt of a question he answered:

Me and my girlfriend are HUGE fans, you’re basically our personal hero. Keep being awesome! Do you trust Yelp reviews when you go somewhere to eat? What kind of easy to make meal would you suggest a broke college student to make? I’m all ears.

Never. Yelp to me is worthless. If I am going to eat in Cleveland, I will throw out a question on Facebook and Twitter, and trust the responses from the culinarians who live and work in those cities.

Here’s a link to the original Reddit content: [ click here ]

It gets better!!!

Just a few days earlier, Jerry Stoppelman who is  the co-founder and CEO of Yelp did an AMA and it wasn’t pretty. Scores of posts from very upset business owners berated Yelp. Just as many valid questions concerning Yelp’s rating system and other issues were left unanswered. Many Reddit members consider Stoppelman’s AMA one of the worst.

Here’s a link to it: [ click here ]

What are your thoughts about Yelp? Post them here and let’s talk about it.

Our second Technology Tuesday show on Google Hangouts sees Dale Perryman and myself still bumbling through trying to use Google Hangouts, but certainly getting better and improving over our first show. Dale does a pretty good job at describing the basics of how and why to use Google Hangouts. Here’s the show:


After months of talking about it, Dale Perryman and I finally closed our eyes and dove in the deep end of launching Technology Tuesday on Google Hangouts.

We had a couple great years on BlogTalkRadio thanks to Dr. Ev Richardson giving us the Tuesday night timeslot on her Caribbean Radio channel ~ ergo the show’s name. As her channel and our show was maturing, it was becoming obvious that Technology Tuesday wasn’t a good fit and we parted ways amicably earlier this year. Since then, Dale and I had discussed a variety of ways of returning and Google Hangouts kept coming up in our conversation.

Ironically, we aren’t as versed with operating a hangouts broadcast despite the presumption that we’re technology gurus. You can certain tell from viewing our first show on Hangouts.

Here’s the show.. Enjoy!

After months of planning and three complete redesigns, we finally launched our new web site. What you see here is a dramatic difference compared to our old site.

We will be providing lots of great information on web design and internet marketing for FREE. That’s right… FREE!!! Why we’re doing this is to leverage our ability to help more business owners succeed online. There’s too many “gurus” out there charging a lot of money for bad advice. We prefer to charge nothing for good advice.

We would LOVE to hear your feedback and especially on topics you want us to cover.

Good luck and god speed to your success!!!


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