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Dan Harley, Jr.
President – PrimeConcepts

I’m Dan Harley. I’m the owner of PrimeConcepts. As you can see from this Web site, I work with the Internet a lot. I’ve helped many business owners and entrepreneurs succeed on the Internet and that includes my wife. I transitioned her from an eBay store to Shopify and she was making money again almost right away.


When she wanted to start an online business, I directed her to eBay first. It was cheap, relatively easy to do and put my wife’s products right in front of her buyers. She did very well… at first. Then eBay slowly made it more difficult for sellers. Fees started creeping up. Terrible customer service. Buyer scams whereas eBay seemingly turn a blind eye to. Something had to be done.


A colleague told me to look at Shopify. At first, I thought it would be too difficult for my wife to figure out and then she had to market her products without the foundation of millions of eBay buyers. I was pleasantly surprised. Shopify turned out to be the answer to all of my wife’s eBay problems. VERY easy to setup and manage. Easily sell on Facebook, Pinterest, eBay and other platforms.

I’m so impressed with Shopify that I applied for PrimeConcepts to become a Certified Shopify Partner.
This video explains in more detail my wife’s eBay story, what happened and why I now recommend Shopify to anyone wanting to start an online retail business or wanting to transition away from eBay selling.
You can see for yourself how easy it is to create, manage and become successful with Shopify. Try Shopify FREE for 14 days! Personally, you’ll probably find out in just a couple days that Shopify is the way to go when you want to go beyond eBay and start making money again.

Try Shopify FREE For 14 Days!

[ click here for FREE trial ]

We're a Certified Shopify Partner!
We're A Certified Shopify Partner!
Click for 14 Day FREE trial!

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